News (26/07/08)
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Touteuh la musiqueuh que j'aimeuuuuuh

Ici, c'est le coin des musicos t'entends ?
Des musiques juste awesome.

L'ending du film Danny the dog : Massive Attack : Aftersun (Dot Allison)
Boa - Get There : Older
Boa - Twilight : Welcome
Carl Craig - Landcruising : A Wonderful Life
Carig Armstrong - As If To Nothing : Ruthless Gravity
Craig Armstrong - The Space Between Us : This Love
Craig Armstrong - The Space Between Us : Glasgow
Deadly Avenger - Blossoms And Blood : Mal Paso pt.II
Deadly Avenger - Blossoms And Blood : The Reveal
Deadly Avenger - Deep Red : The Quest Parti II
DestroyAllDreamers - A Coeur Leger Sommeil Sanglant : Facultatives Imaginaires, En Robe Et En Eclats
Day One Symphony - A Vicious Circle : Sleepwalking
Escaflowne - The movie : Sora
Escaflowne - The movie : Sora's Folktale
Everything But The Girl -Temperamental : No Difference
From The Sky - Like Cristal In A World Of Glass : Someone To Remember
Halou - Wholeness and Separation : Honeythief
IAm - L'ecole Du Micro D'Argent : Nes Sous La Meme Etoile
If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk : Signal Tree
GITS - Stand Alone Complex : Inner Universe
Gravenhurst - Fires in Distant Buildings : Down River
Hooverphonic - A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular : Inhaler
Massive Attack - 100th Window : Everywhen
Natalie Walker - With You : Hypnotize
Pendulum - Hold Your Colour : Sounds of Life feat Jasmine Lee
Radius System - Escape/Restart : Monochrome
The Sound of Animals Fighting - The Ocean and the Sun : The Swan

God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent All Is Bright : L'album
Halou - Wholeness and Separation : L'album
Mandalay - Empathy : L'album
September Malevolence - After This Darkness There's A Next : L'album